Are you no longer active? =( I really like this blog

nine muses arent active as often so we dont have much material to use

once a comeback is set we will decide if we are able to keep this blog active

thank you <3

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Hello ^^ Can I make an edit with Nine Muses and then ask you to reblog it? ^^

Hello love, 

i’m sorry but we don’t usually reblog on this blog :/

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What is the password of bosspyo tumblr?

Idk why you’re asking us love but i asked the original owner and she no longer uses it and she said she deleted already. Sorry!

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Even without you, you’re there

Wherever I go, You’re there

Always next to me, you’re there

Again you

Always you..

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"goodbye is not forever, goodbye is not the end, it simply means i’ll miss you until we meet again"

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"i always said to the members let’s always be together now i’m deeply apologetic for not being able to be together until the end

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"from now on, not as nine muses’ lee sem, but i will pursue my life as lee hyunjoo

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[TRANS] Eunji’s Letter to MINEs


Hello? This is Park Eunji.
The weather has become colder. 
It’s a bitter winter in december that fill the emptiness in heart and mind.
I will tell you something that might can make all of you turn even more bitter.

From 2010/08/12 until now.. I only look forward as a Nine Muses (member).
Started with 9 members.. turn into 7 members.. and then 8 members.. and back to 9 members (formation again). We slowly jump over those obtacles, made a new experience, and strengthen the skills and I’ve grow bond with Nine Muses members.. but now I’m going to wrap up the 4 years of meeting with MINEs.

Now, after being one of 9, I’m going back to my personal life as one person who going take responsibility and handle everything by myself just like I were, before those 4 years. 

An eventful, and a memorable Nine Muses.
I always said “Let’s always be together!” to the members.. now I deeply apologetic to not being able to be together until the end.

I’m happy I could stand on the stage for 4 years,
I’ve become strong because 8 friends,
and thanks to MINEs, I feel warmth.

I hope we can comfort each other.. 
I’m writing this letter, when the white snow is falling down, and warming up the world.
Actually, when I have to write first sentence of a letter, when I run to open a door, and when I have to say my name during phone call, I used to say/write <Nine Muses’ Eunji>.
My tears are ready to well up in my eyes as I’m writing this letter but however I’m not regretting my decision.

First off, I want to open my eyes and ears to explore the world by watching a movie, read a book, and leave for a trip.. I want to spend ‘my own’ time. After that, I’m planning to do something and have a new start.
I still have a lot to know, try and study.

To those people who read this letter, please understand my decision, and please support whatever I’m going to do in the future,
And I hope a lot of people can continue to give a lot of love and cherish Nine Muses until the end.

Thanks to those who have been supporting and giving love to Nine Muses’ Eunji until now.

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[TRANS] Lee Sem’s letter to MINEs


Hello everyone^^ This is Lee Sem.
This year, 2013 has come to an end. Did you spent the year-end well?
I’ writing this letter on christmas night.
The day that people spend it joyfully. And I’m just staying quietly in my room.
I’m trying to write a letter with a sincere heart.

Sunday, not too long ago.
Nine Muses had a fanmeeting after Glue goodbye stage.
Actually, on that day i feel restless.
It was actually the last fanmeeting where I stood as Nine Muses’ member. So, I was trying my best to look at every fans in front of me, and I was hoping my eyes can catch every one of you.

I officially end my activity as Nine Muses member at an event in Singapore on 2013/12/30~2014/1/2.
It’s very regretful, and this parting is very saddening. But,
From now on, not as Nine Muses’ Lee Sem, but I will pursue my life as Lee Hyunjoo.
And I’m trying to bear this wistfullness and sadness.

Although fans’ face who regretting this as much as I am now; keep swimming in my head.
I personally think about this carefully for a long time.
It’s a conclusion that came after consultating with agency.
And we think positively about this.

I’m going to keep all the precious days we spent and memories we made during my activity as Nine Muses member for 4 years.
Of course, there were a lot of tough things happened, I will also keep all of it.
There will be time when I cry because I recall all the joyful moment, happy moment, thankful moment, sad moment.
Thanks for being together with me at those moments.

Nine Muses friends and dongsaengs who are just like a family to me..
Please keep supporting and giving them love just like how you do now.
Wherever am I, I will always support Nine Muses and our Mines.
Thank you very much. To me, all of you are my everything.
And I will never forget you. A sincere that I receive from all of you.. the proofs of all that sincereness..
It will be a great strength for me to live the upcoming days and I will be a strut.

Although I can’t promise when,
I believe we can re-unite through my personal activity.
At that time,
I promise I will meet you all with broaden heart and mind.
Let’s overcome wistfullness we feel now.

Then, I will end this letter.
I love you all so much.
I hope every one of you know how much you mean to me.

-Lee Sem who love you more than anyone doe

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Even though it’s heart-breaking to see you go, we know that you went through so much to get here, and we, along with all the good MINEs out there, will support your decision and love you no matter what. Thank you for being so amazing and incredible, thank you for all the memories, and thank you for carrying nine muses throughout much, much harder times. We love the two of you so much and we promise to continue to love you along with nine muses until the end…

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